About Us

AllianceVR was born out of extra office space: The office of Alliance Guaranty Mortgage Corp (in Aurora, CO).  The office used to buzz with activity, but most people work from home these days so there was room to spare in the office suite.  Unable to utilize the excess space in a capacity to justify the growing lease payments, the grim possibility of downsizing was on the horizon.  Alliance Guaranty Mortgage owner and President, Mark Skufca, was impressed with "VR" after visiting a local virtual reality arcade.  He realized he had plenty of office space to accommodate two VR arcade stations, and the opportunity was attainable.  It was a stroke of genius, others agreed.  It was a match made in heaven:  Boring office meets virtual reality.  Now, that my friends, is how AllianceVR came to be. 

AllianceVR has an arcade license with Vive and is proud to offer the latest technology in hardware along with its more than 700 games and "non-games" available.  We deploy 50 games at a time to each station, and circulate them by popularity and diversity.  Please see our Library Of Games to learn more about the virtual reality options available to our customers. To see photos and videos of our launch party, check out our Facebook page.